Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Thats easy, simply send me an email or call me during business hours and we will arrange a date and time that works for you

How do I pick a Location?

The first step is to decide the location of your session. We are truely blessed on the peninsula to live in such an amazing area, we are overwhelmed with choice. I have a number of local beaches and parks that I love to shoot in, however I am always open to somewhere new. If you have a special place just let me know and we will make it happen. We can also shoot at your home if you have adequate light. I’m happy, at no obligation to pop by and advise if this is appropriate.

What to Wear?

There are huge sections on Pinterest devoted to what to wear to family photos. Whats important here is to wear something comfortable. It will show in the photos if you are uncomfortable and I can guarantee you will not like the photos. I do however recommend that you try to coordinate your outfits. I normally don’t encourage everyone to wear matching outfits (unless that is how you normally dress) Also try to stay clear of large logo’s and neon colours. Let you kids personality show, I am here to capture this moment in time for your family, if your three year old is only wearing princess dresses let them wear the princess dress.


I don’t use props in my shoots, if you have something special in mind just let me know before your session

Your Children

Let your children be themselves, I’m never going to ask them to smile for the camera. If they do smile it will be because they are happy. To ensure we get the most out of the shoot, please make sure your children are not hungry during the session. Let them have a snack just prior and bring extra food for during the session (sultana’s and dried fruit are perfect, something they can eat without getting a dirty face) It’s also totally ok to promise them ice-cream or a surprise after the session if they behave well. Also please try to ensure that they are well rested, don’t schedule your session for during their nap time. If we are shooting in golden hour (around sunset) let them have a early nap before the session.

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